The Holistic Angel

I am a Clincal Hypnotherapist and a fully qualified counsellor. I can help you to make positive and long lasting changes in your life, whether you want to stop smoking, lose weight, remove a phobia or simply find a way to relax.

I offer treatments at flexible times to fit in with your schedule, so please call me on 07432-803-960 for a no obligation consultation about how I can help you improve your life.

How can I help?

Hypnotherapy is also an excellent medium for improving performance in sports or exams and can help resolve problems in many situations.

A Past Life Regression Therapy session can guide you through previous experiences and allow you to receive physical and emotional healing and reconcile past hurt.

Mindscaping is a technique perfected by Dr Mike Mandel, it allows you as the client to be guided by your unconscious mind to find the ideal way to solve your problem or bring about desired change.

OldPain2Go® is a life changing therapy developed over many years by Steven Blake, which may reduce or remove old pain such as arthritis, back pain, shoulder pain or pain anywhere in the body. It also has excellent results on Fibromyalgia and CFS.

Reiki is a wonderful relaxing healing technique which originated in Japan. It is wonderful for unwinding and for putting your body in the best place to heal both emotionally and physically

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What do I offer?

I offer a range of complimentary services including hypnotherapy, past-life regression and reiki healing. I am also trained in mindscaping and OldPain2Go®.

Hypnotherapy can help improve lives in many ways, including managing weight, giving up smoking, reducing anxiety and controlling phobias such as a fear of flying. It can also help you recover a past life through regression and heal any problems which may stem from it. Reiki, which I have practiced for the last 15 years, is life enhancing and uplifting and helps us to allow our bodies and minds to heal and to live in harmony with the stress filled world we inhabit today.

I treat all my clients individually, and always with great respect and concern for their well being.

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